Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.

Class Rooms

The school is divided into three main sections – the Primary, the High School and Higher Secondary sections. The medium of instruction is English, with Tamil and Hindi taught as additional language. French is on offer as an additional language at the High School level with permission from the Department of School Education. French is also available as an Optional Language in Std. XI and XII.

A SPECIAL NEEDS DEPARTMENT (OYSTER) functions to cater to the special needs of children with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

THE COUNSELLING & CAREERS DEPARTMENT (OASIS) is very active and is frequented by students, staff and parents.

SMART CLASSES There are 33 smart classrooms which are equipped with content that cover all Boards. It empowers teachers to transform traditional blackboard-and-chalk classrooms into interactive sessions. The multimedia content enables students to retain information for a longer period of time.