Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.


The Oyster Department considers it a great privilege to bring out all the hidden talents with these gems who otherwise would have been a forgotten and failing lot .All glory goes to the Almighty who has been instrumental for this grace and favor on each one of us.
 A timetable was charted out with the help of the class teachers to enable twenty one children from Std III to Std 1X  to get benefited on regular basis  throughout the academic year. The Special needs Consultant assists them with some basic educational assessments. Reports with recommendations are given to the respective teachers.
The Junior School and High School teachers were able to identify children with special educational needs. Separate timetables were charted out with the help of class teachers to enable these children to attend the special needs classes without interfering with their normal school schedule.
 By the end of the academic year a significant improvement was seen in the areas of reading, writing, self –confidence and the morale of these children.