Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.

Tutuion Information

Fees are payable quarterly in the authorised Bank.
• 1st Term (1st June)
• 2nd Term (1st Sep)
• 3rd Term (1st Dec)
• 4th Term (1st Mar)

The Fees include general amenities like School Doctor, Clinic, Special Needs Department, Counselling Department and Smart Classes.
For all classes UCO Bank Coonoor will accept fees upto the 5th of every quarter mentioned above. Fee details will be issued by the school office. Defaulters will have to pay a fine of Rs. 10/- per day.
Please pay within the specified period to avoid paying fines.

School fees are payable for 12 months of the year. Fees for the third quarter should be paid before 5th December; failing which the pupil will not be allowed to sit for the Half-Yearly Examination. Fees for the fourth quarter should be paid before the commencement of the
Annual Examination, failing which the pupil will not be allowed to sit for the Final Examination.Fees for each term should be paid on or before the specified dates.
Those paying fees late must get their challans checked by the School Office.

Children whose fees remain unpaid on the last day of fee collection are liable to be sent out of the class or sent home. The counter foil of paid challans should be shown to the school office when called for.Official receipts must be obtained from the office for all payments
made to the school office.

Hostel fees are charged for ten months only.
NOTE: All fees mentioned above are subject to revision from time to time. School Note Books, Text Books, Uniforms etc are charged separately.

Organ, Piano, Guitar, Violin and Brass instruments are taught to students after class hours. This is optional. A fee of Rs.300/- will be collected per instrument, per month.

Installed in all classes. An amount or INR 100/- per month as approved by the government will be collected per student payable on a quarterly basis.