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Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.

St. Particks school, Singapore visit to Stanes School

St. Particks school, Singapore visit to Stanes School 2014-08-19 09:25:17

It was a special day for twenty students of the age group of thirteen and fifteen from various ethnic groups like Chinese, Malays and Indians too accompanied by three teachers, all from Singapore’s, St. Patrick’s School as they stepped into one of the oldest schools of the picturesque Nilgiris district; Stanes Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Coonoor established in 1858.

They had come to get a first hand experience of the culture and life style in Stanes School, Coonoor.The group was welcomed by the Principal, Glenn Croning and then attended morning assembly.

Then went on a tour de campus, the children played games, chit-chatted, mailed from the school computer lab, attended class along with the regular students and shared tea and snacks with their new found friends during the elevenses.

There was much fun, frolic and plenty of laughter rolled between the two schools. The Singaporeans felt at home among the Indians which was reciprocated in kind. As the group left Stanes to visit the Queen of the hill Station an emotional bond of mutual happiness and joy was forged.

As according to the Tamil adage, “Yaathum Oorayae, Yaavarum Khaleer”, it was mutual admiration on both sides.

‘Bringing people together - keeps them together’, Stanes School Coonoor wishes St. Partick’s Singapore fond memories and Gods blessings.