Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.


WHALE DONE ! 2014-03-03 14:44:33

Mrs. Jeya Abraham, well known Motivational Speaker, Life Skills Consultant and Social Workers conducted a quick fire, first aid kit session on relationships for the Staff at the Stanes School Library on the 12th of Feb.-’14. The presentation was backed with some amazing videos of a team that has managed to tame and train killer whales (orca) , just by building up trust, patience and positive reinforcement. The massive killer whales were literally dancing to the trainer’s tunes. Mrs. Abraham spoke about trust and stressed on accentuating the positive.

She proved with personal down to earth incidents about how redirecting the energy back to positive brings a sea change. There were some thought provoking questions too on the power of relationships. It was a power packed session with a total quality personality- Thank you Mrs. Jeya Abraham for a whale of a session.