Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.

Inter School Scripture Quiz

Inter School Scripture Quiz 2013-09-17 13:32:29

The Inter School Scripture Quiz was scheduled for the 17th August 2013 at the Stanes Hall.

The title was YEH’SHUA – SHEPHERD & KING . The Quiz began at 9:15 a.m. After prayer, Bible reading, and a Choreography by students of class VIII the quiz began in earnest. For the High School level Round 1 was a general question answer type. Round 2 was complete the verse (quotes of Jesus from John). A song was then sung by St. Josephs Convent Girls. Round 3 was Jumbled ie., situations from different parts of the prescribed portions had to be arranged in Biblical chronology. Round 4 was Who or Whom and the fifth was Rapid Fire using Yes or No as answers. The rapid fire round carried a surprise........this was sprung on at the end of the Higher Secondary Quiz.

The Higher Secondary Quiz began with a song by Ms. Monique and the senior hostel students. Round 1 was a general question and answer session followed by a Reporting round where a sentence was given and the context had to be reported, this was followed by a song by St. Josephs Boys. Round 3 was a jumbled one followed by a round of Elicit where the students had to ask questions and then try and pin down the answer. This was followed by the rapid fire.

A surprise awaited both the High School participants and the higher secondary. The top scorers in the Rapid Fire rounds were given a choice to take either 5 bonus points for their team or choose a prayer book. Two choose 5 points while the other two choose the prayer book, the one who choose the prayer book on opening found that they were also given 5 points. This was apt - Make God your first choice and all else will follow.

The winners for the Grace Memorial trophy for high school section was lifted by Rex School, in second place was Riverside Public School on a tie breaker in the third place was St. Josephs Convent. The Alben memorial trophy was bagged by St. Hildas. Laidlaw was placed second and Kotagiri Public School took the third position. The Principal announced the results and presented the trophies. Along with these coveted trophies each student was presented a personal gift too. Three children received a book along with a cash prize for exceptional answering in the quiz, these children were Ben Cyrus from Rex and Gayathri .G. Thakrar and Aruna Thiruchelvam from St. Hildas. The quiz ended with vote of thanks by the coordinators Ms. Anu Regi and Mr. Ronald Fernandez.