Educational Goals

Sound Christian principles form the corner stone of the institution, while respecting all religions and inculcating strong secular principles amongst the students.

Inter House Declamation

Inter House Declamation 2013-08-19 11:59:57

The Inter House Tamil Declamation was held on 18th of July 2013 in the Hall. The Co-ordinators of this event were Mrs. Seetha and Mrs. Merlin. The programme started with a word of Prayer. The judges for the competition were from two different schools, Miss. Leema from St. Joseph’s Convent and Mrs. Nithya from St. Mary’s girls Hr.Sec.School. Coonoor. They evaluated the Recitation and Reading of the participants. The participants were four in number in each group. The judges selected the best three children from six different groups. The programme ended well with a vote of thanks, closing prayer and National Anthem.

Overall Results: 1st – Groves, 2nd – Fritchley, 3rd – David and 4th – Stanes.

Hindi Declamation for the year 2013 was conducted on 18/7/’13. We had Recitation for Junior School students, Reading and Recitation for Middle school and Speech for Seniors and Super Seniors. The judging panel consisted of Mrs. Aiysha of Mountain Home School and Mrs. Latha of St. Joseph’s Convent, Coonoor. The students of various groups took active interest in the competition. The performance of the students was well appreciated by the judges. This year for a change two of our students sang a song and Riddles were answered by the others. The curtain came down with the announcement of results by our Headmistress Ms. Evelyn Samuel. Mementoes were presented to judges.

Results: 1st –Fritchley, 2nd –David, 3rd –Groves & 4th – Stanes.

English is an amazingly fluid language. To test ones fluency of the language the Inter House English Declamation is held every year spontaneously. The 17th of July was the date where every participant precariously gave in their best. The entire school witnessed the proceedings which consisted of a variety of Poems, Reading, Prose Narrative and Debate. The Junior school participants were judged by internal judges of the school, Mrs. Leema Vasan and Mrs. Mini John. The Senior School was judged by teacher from Kings Kids Mrs. Beulah Andrew and Mrs. Mini Christopher. The winners were announced as and when the events were completed. The overall Champions were David House. The event on the whole was a display of talents by children of different ages excelling in their own fields.

Results: 1st – David, 2nd – Stanes, 3rd – Fritchley & 4th – Groves.

The French Declamation was held on the 18th of July in the school library. The guest of honour and judge for the competition was Mrs. Sudha Christopher, Prof. of Providence College, Coonoor. 80 students in all, two from each house participated, speaking on various topics such as Corruption, Technology, Education and Face book. Mrs Sudha congratulated the speakers for their fluency and confidence.

The results are as follows: Sowmya D of Groves- I , Thoufiq Ahamed of Stanes –II and Sneha Varshini M of Fritchley- III.